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Executive Career Change Resources –¬† Reference 4.1

In working with clients over several years, I have created my list of recommended executive career change resources that I believe to be most relevant. I did not include this information in my book, 12 Steps to a New Career, because I realized the only way I could keep that information current would be to make it available on this website.

Researching career change resources relevant to executives can quickly become overwhelming. If you have been doing all your research on the Internet already, you probably know that the vast majority of the information is not relevant to what you want to know.

Please use these Recommended Career Change Resources as a source to start your research. It will help you focus on what you want to know. If you find a particular resource is no longer available or if you find another resource that you think should be listed, please let me know and I will amend the document. You will be helping others, as well.

The documents separate the research into the following two sections: Researching Companies and Industries and Researching Self-Employment Options.

Since my experience is in the US, Canada and the UK, I separated the sources of information into two geographic versions, one for the US and Canada and one for Great
Britain. Select the link for the version that relates to your location:

  • Recommended Career Change Resources-US and Canada
    This version reflects my recommended sources of information for executives in the US and Canada. Most sources prepare a North America edition that covers both countries. I identify information that is specific to Canada.