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Recruiting Leadership Talent

Improve your internal recruiting and interviewing processes and enhance the effectiveness of your external recruiters by incorporating techniques that will give you better control and improve your success at getting the leaders you need.

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Executive Career Change

Learn the techniques specific to executives and other senior-level employees that will increase your effectiveness and success at making job or career changes.

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Carl Wellenstein

Carl Wellenstein has over forty years of experience working with companies and individuals in the US, UK and Middle East. His key strengths are in identifying the end result that needs to be achieved, gaining clarity on the status of the current situation, and creating and developing processes that take companies and individuals from where they are to where they want to be. Examples of where he helps clients include:

Company focus:

  • Improving recruiting and interviewing processes that ensure employers get the leaders and managers they need.
  • Developing highly effective recruiting and interviewing procedures and processes that hold interviewers accountable and can be consistently followed.
  • Gaining an independent perspective from a financial expert who brings strong experience in recruiting and interviewing leaders and managers.

Executive focus:

  • Assisting executives, managers, professionals, and others in mid-career to make strategic career changes due to a reorganization, relocation, or career burnout in their current role.
  • Providing strategic career advice relating to specific situations or for a longer term coaching relationship supporting a career transition.

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