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Carl Wellenstein is an expert and an accomplished speaker on mid-career transitions for those at executive or manager level. The following skills and experience make him uniquely qualified as an expert in this field:

  • As an executive making a career transition, he personally experienced the difficulties that executives and senior managers encounter when they initiate or need to make a job or career change.
  • As head of an international executive search firm, he interviewed, evaluated, and made candidate recommendations for executive or other senior level positions at client employers.
  • Participated in interviews of recommended candidates with corporate clients to better understand their hiring decisions.
  • Developed a comprehensive job and career transition process for executives and managers based on his experiences of what is most effective and what isn’t. That resulted in publication of 12 Steps to a New Career.
  • Assisted corporate clients in developing improved candidate interviewing techniques and processes that enabled them to make better decisions on hiring the leaders they needed.

Carl has authored several career tips and stories that are suitable for publication. You can see many of them by going to Resource Library for Executives.

If you would like to contact Carl Wellenstein for an interview, to obtain an article or story, background information, or would like to discuss a career subject with Carl or request an article on a specific topic relating to mid-career issues, contact Carl at 310-489-3115 or send him a message.

If you are a journalist and you would like to discuss a subject with Carl or request an article on a specific topic relating to mid-career issues: Contact Carl or call him at 310-489-3115.

Events and Speaking

Carl is an experienced speaker and seminar leader for groups from 20 to over 200. He facilitates workshops and group discussions around job search and career change issues for senior-level individuals, particularly executives and managers.

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Radio and Television

Carl is often asked to share his experiences and perspectives on a wide range of job search and career change issues unique to executives and managers in interviews or discussions on radio stations in the US, Canada and the UK. A sampling: KNX 1070 (CBS) (Los Angeles), AM New York, CBC (Toronto, Canada), WXYL (Texas), WILKS (Denver).

Television Interview with Janelle So, TV 18 Los Angeles, CA on June 22, 2009

Carl addresses how job seekers can enhance their job search by focusing on what they do best and are most passionate about and why a time of transition can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reassess what you really want to do with the rest of your life and where you want to spend your time. He shares some insights on what employers want and, on a humorous note, uses an analogy of why a successful job search is a lot like fishing. Click here to view video with Janelle So, TV 18.