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Executive Career Center

The Executive Career Center contains information and resources relating specifically to executives and others at a senior level who are making a job or career change. What worked for you when you were younger and/or at a much lower level will not work for you now. Why do I say this? Because it didn’t work for me and when I owned an executive retained search firm and had to select and present candidates for executive positions, I realized why the job or career search approach they used to get where they are would no longer work for them now.

The information in this section shares what I experienced and learned as it relates to executives in transition. Whether you are in your late 20s with 5 to 6 year’s of experience or you are a “seasoned” executive with 20 year’s of experience, the information relates specifically to you. The major difference is if your are at a younger age and experience, you will have an easier time and more options. If you are nearer the upper limit in age or, for example, you are transitioning from the military to civilian work, you need to pay very close attention to the suggestions in this section.

A Career Change Book for Executives

12 Steps to a New Career is the most comprehensive and authoritative book on how executives and others at a senior level can effectively make a career change. It will explain what you need to do, why it is important, when you need to do it, and it will then illustrate how to do it. The book will help you to develop your strategy and will then coach you through the entire process. View the Table of Contents.

Career Change Worksheets

If you purchased 12 Steps to a New Career, you know there are many exercises and worksheets illustrated in the book. Since I knew that completing those would be difficult if you had to use them in the book, I created full-size versions that you can download from this section and complete more easily. There is no cost to download any of the worksheets.

Career Change Reference Documents

In completing 12 Steps to a New Career, I had prepared three lengthy documents that I did not include in the book because they would take up too much space or I knew they would need to be updated periodically. You can download them here:

Executive Career Change Tips

Executives contemplating a job or career change or who are already in transition often have questions about some aspect of the career change process that they think are unique to them. Many of those questions are common to others and, in the hope that your question might have been asked by others, check out these tips to see if your question is answered. The tips are grouped into the following four subjects:

  • Career Change and Job Search
  • Interviews
  • Resumes
  • Self-Employment
  • Workplace/Forecasts

Executive Career Change Stories

Here are stories of specific situations confronted by some of my clients and how they effectively dealt with those situations. All the stories relate to personal experiences and some have been published in other media. Take a look. You may find answers to some questions you hadn’t even thought about asking.

Job Search Q and A

Maybe someone else has already asked the question you have. Check them out. You may find the answer to your question here.

Executive Career Coach

Perhaps you need to talk to an expert who specializes in working with executives in transition. If you think you might, Carl Wellenstein has been in your situation. He’s been on both sides of the table: making a career transition at a senior level, owning an international executive search firm, and participating in many interviews with client employers when they selected leaders and managers. He knows what works, why it works, and what doesn’t.

Request a Career Consultation

If you want to schedule a private conversation with Carl Wellenstein, an executive career coach, this is your opportunity.


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