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About Carl

Carl Wellenstein is a seasoned executive with over thirty years of business consulting and coaching experience with small to mid-sized companies and with executives and senior-level professionals making a career change.

Career path:

  • Fifteen years with Arthur Young & Co (now Ernst & Young) in auditing and financial consulting roles for large and small companies in the US and internationally, including five years as country managing partner for the firm in Saudi Arabia.
  • Seven years with Bartwell International (UK) Ltd., an executive search firm he co-founded with offices in London and Birmingham, England, where he created and implemented recruiting and selection processes for companies in different industries primarily in the UK and Europe.
  • Twenty years working with executives and managers to create and successfully implement strategic career development and transition plans.
  • A career of advising small to mid-sized companies in the areas of clarifying business financial and operational processes, creating effective and pragmatic recruiting processes, and clarifying functional roles that enable effective performance measurements and create benchmarks for assessing candidates.

Career highlights:

  • In response to a need to serve a major multinational client, Carl was tasked by Arthur Young & Co. to relocate to Saudi Arabia for a two-year assignment and open a professional services practice in Riyadh. Five years later, the firm had grown to three offices and was a major presence in the country providing auditing and professional services for multinational companies and the growing number of Saudi-owned enterprises.
  • Following a decision to move his career from numbers to people, Carl left Arthur Young & Co. and moved to the UK to co-found an international executive search firm. He hired experienced executive recruiters to open the practice and soon replaced them with seasoned executives who had substantial careers in top positions in industry. Together, they created an interviewing and selection process that yielded outstanding results for clients. Clients were so impressed with the results that many asked us to help them revise their own interviewing and selection procedures to incorporate our process.
  • At the urging of many candidates who were not selected for our clients’ short-list, a colleague and I created an executive-level career transition program that would incorporate our collective experience about what executives need to do to successfully make a career change. The program covered the entire career change process for executives using a step-by-step process in a workshop. Over the next seven years, we revised, expanded, and affirmed its effectiveness with our executive clients.
  • Based on the success of our career transition program and at the urging of our clients, Carl formalized the workshop program, added more coaching support, and published 12 Steps to a New Career. While the book describes the step-by-step process, more importantly, it provides the coaching guidelines that enables readers to understand not only what they need to do and why it is important, but when they need to do it, accompanied by detailed illustrations of how to do it most effectively. To this day, 12 Steps to a New Career continues to be the most definitive book about how executives and others at senior-level positions can successfully make career changes.


  • Board Certified Coach (BCC) and Job and Career Transition Coach (JCTC)
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument Certified HBDI Practitioner
  • CPA (California), Lifetime Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICPA and the California Society of CPAs

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