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Request a Career Consultation

Request a Career Consultation session with Carl Wellenstein, an experienced executive career coach. Here are three commonly requested types of sessions that might relate to what you want:

Executive Career Coaching Inquiry

This is a no-cost option for you to find out what an executive career coach does, whether working with one might be appropriate for you, and whether Carl Wellenstein might be the right person to help you. You would schedule a telephone or Skype session lasting about 20 minutes where Carl will answer your questions.  It is not, however, an opportunity to obtain career advice or to have Carl review your resume or LinkedIn page. If you are seeking career advice, see Executive Career Change Discussion below.

Executive Career Change Discussion

This is an opportunity for you to discuss a career issue with an experienced executive career coach. The review could be about a career change you are contemplating or it could relate to a specific career development limitation or challenge you are currently facing. You would need to send the information below to Carl for his review prior to the 90-minute telephone or Skype session with him. The fee for the Executive Career Change Discussion is $250 and it would be payable upon completion of the session. Please send the the following information to Carl when requesting the session. Carl will confirm when he has read your information and is ready for a discussion.

  • A resume, CV, or bio – These can be informal or only a draft.
  • A list of your questions that you would like answered with an indication of the three most important ones. Carl will focus first on the questions that are most important to you.
  • A brief narrative describing any other issue that might affect your career, your career objectives, career change or life goals, or limitations.

Sponsored Career Coaching Session

Carl provides individualized one-on-one career coaching to individuals under previously-agreed arrangements with several associations and organizations. When you request a session, please mention the association or organization when contacting Carl. The session will be limited to 50 minutes and your fee will be at the rate previously agreed with the association or organization. These sessions are typically limited to answering specific questions. To get the most from these session, we encourage participants to send their resume and questions to Carl in advance of scheduling the session.

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