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A Career Change Book for Executives


12 Steps to a New Career provides career change guidance and advice for executives and others at senior level positions who want or need to make a job or career change. If you are in the earlier stages of your career, the guidance and advice in the book and on this website is not appropriate for you.

The book describes what executives and others in senior level positions need to do and why it is important (from multiple perspectives–yours, recruiters, and employers). As the owner of an executive search firm that handled only retained search assignments, I share my experience along with illustrations and examples you can use that will be more effective for those at a senior level. I designed the book to guide you through the entire career search process, giving you detailed instructions, worksheets and exercises you can use, along with other resource material to make the process easier for you.

While the book contains all the worksheets and exercises that will simplify what you need to do, you can download all of them in full letter size at no cost by going to the Resource Library: Career Center.

The book contains twelve chapters that start at the beginning of what you need to do and takes you, step by step, through the entire career change process in the following five sections:

  • Self-discovery–What you bring to the table that others want.
  • Job and career options–Understanding the ones that will work for you.
  • Marketing yourself effectively–Crafting your resume and navigating the job market.
  • Communicating effectively–Techniques that build confidence and enthusiasm so you are more effective when networking, interviewing, and negotiating.
  • Creating your strategic plan–Keeping yourself on track.

12 Steps to a New Career will help you make a life-changing leap from thinking of “changing jobs” to defining a career path that will lead to a job you’ll love.

To view the Table of Contents, click here.

You can purchase 12 Steps to a New Career on and at Barnes & by clinking on their links below. If you prefer to have a copy signed by the author, contact Carl Wellenstein at 310-489-3115 or Contact Us.

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If you are an employer and you want to inquire about purchasing multiple copies of 12 Steps to a New Career to give to departing employees, click here.