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Resource Library: Employers

Create a Comprehensive Recruiting Process

Building on several years of experience working with employers at an executive search firm and working with executives in transition, we developed and refined some techniques that enabled many of our small and growing companies to improve their recruiting processes that resulted in their being able to select better candidates than they had experienced in the past.
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Helping Teams Make Better Decisions

Hiring only those candidates you like and believe will fit in with your existing management team may be a safe choice but that may not be the best choice. Companies can help their teams make better decisions if they recruit people who can bring different perspectives to conventional or entrenched thinking and consider all relevant viewpoints.
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The Position Description: The first step

The first step in recruiting an executive or manager is determining what the business needs. Too often companies define the person first and then try to match the person to the position rather than starting with the role the company needs.
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Improving Candidate Interviewing

We have prepared a six-step process that we used when helping organizations create  a comprehensive interviewing process that employees could easily understand and follow. The process defines who should be responsible for performing specific functions where you can hold them accountable for each step in the process.
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Using executive recruiters

If you plan to use executive recruiters to find and present candidates for leadership or manager positions, you first need to decide what type of recruiter you should consider and then you need to understand how you can prepare yourself so you get the most from their expertise. The suggestions will help your recruiter do a better job and help to ensure that you get who you need.
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