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Career-Related Reading List – Reference 1.2

During my job and career change and during the course of writing 12 Steps to a New Career, I researched many books that helped me make career decisions and that I thought could help my clients make better career decisions. Before you think I just sit around reading other authors’ books, remember, I was doing research. I have read some of the books on my Career-Related Reading List and some I reviewed. I often refer my clients to one or more that I think would be appropriate for their particular circumstances. Rather than tell you to do your own research, I thought it would be helpful if I listed the ones I read or reviewed and include my opinions on them with the hope that it will save you a lot of time doing your own research.

Books that I researched did not all make this list. I excluded them if I felt they were not appropriate for those in mid-career, I didn’t think the information was helpful or correct, or I didn’t feel the book added anything of value. I’m sure I’ve probably missed a book you found useful and, if so, please contact me to tell me about it. I’m open to adding to the list.

I’ve divided the list into the following three categories (click on the title to go to that page):

  • Career Strategy and Advancement – These books focus on helping you to better understand what you are best at doing and want to do. I’ve also included some that deal with promotion and career advancement.
  • Motivational – These books will inspire you, enhance your self-esteem, or help you to be more energized and effective in your career search or a job.
  • Career Transition – These books will help you to see that your career transition is a unique opportunity for you to get out of the box think about what you really want to do with the rest of your life.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Reference 1.2 – Career-Related Reading List