Outplacement is a process of helping departing employees to expedite job and career changes. If your company will have a large number of employees who will be leaving, it is preferable to engage a company that specializes in working with large numbers of employees at various levels to pursue new jobs or explore new careers. If your company has few or only one employee that will be departing, an individual executive career coach might be a better choice since they can generally provide more individualized and comprehensive support.

The three most common types of transition support for departing employees are:

  1. One-on-one coaching  – This is most appropriate for executives and other senior staff.
  2. Group sessions – These are suitable for all employees. The sessions will typically be segmented to match different employee levels.
  3. Providing copies of a comprehensive self-help career search book, such as 12 Steps to a New Career, to all departing employees without additional professional career support.

Whether you engage a company or an individual executive career coach, they will tailor their programs to your budget and the number and levels of employees you want to include in the service.

Executives and others at senior levels, older employees, and those that have spent most of their career at your company, will need to employ a more strategic approach. They will benefit from working directly one-on-one with an executive career coach who can provide a more personalized and comprehensive service.

Group sessions are more appropriate for directors, managers and senior staff as programs can be structured for group involvement at different levels.

If you have limited financial resources that prevents your company from offering your employees any outplacement service, please consider giving them a self-help comprehensive career search book, such as 12 Steps to a New Career. This book will be a life saver for your departing employees because it will help them to learn and understand everything they need to know about how to make a job or career change.

12 Steps to a New Career contains over 260 pages of straight talk and practical suggestions that employees can implement right away. It helps the reader to:

  • Understand how the job market works at different levels, particularly at more senior levels, and how they can be more successful in their search.
  • Be able to communicate their skills and experience in ways that set themselves apart from other job seekers.
  • Craft a powerful and compelling resume that impresses recruiters and potential employers.
  • Develop and expand their network so others will want to help them speed the process along.
  • Become skilled at answering interview questions that most employers and recruiters will be asking.

To see an overview of the contents of 12 Steps to a New Career, click here. As further support to readers of the book, the Executives section of this website contains downloadable copies of all the examples and worksheets covered in the book at no additional cost.

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