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How to describe your best skills in an interview

Interviewers will always ask you to describe your best skills. If they are looking at your resume when they ask that question, you must describe your best skills in the same sequence and exactly as they appear on your resume and they must contain more than a couple of words.

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Five Deadly Interview Mistakes

If you are getting interviews but not getting the job, you may be making one or more of the most common five deadly interview mistakes. Here is the list along with how you can overcome making those mistakes.

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Career Portfolio – Important or a Distraction?

A career portfolio is appropriate for certain positions and industries where you need to showcase your creativity and achievements. However, before you launch into taking a considerable amount of time to create a portfolio, you need to understand whether that is what employers and interviewers want.

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Employment Networking is Different

You’ve probably heard that networking is the best way to make a career change. That is true if you recognize that employment networking is very different from business networking and you understand how to be most effective at employment networking.

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