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The US Job Market Perspective for 2020 – Tip 15

The US job market perspective for 2020 will increasingly be affected by the globalization of wireless communication across borders. Skilled and unskilled jobs and particularly those that are labor intensive will increasingly be outsourced to countries with highly educated but lower cost workers.

1. Internationalization of employment

The globalization of wireless communication links will become seamless regardless of where you are located. Many jobs that would typically be performed in the US where the products and services are being delivered will be handled by people in far off locations who will be able to use machinery and perform services remotely from anywhere.

2. Medical field

Some medical procedures are now being performed by surgeons using robotic technology. In the future, the surgeon may be in Bangalore, India or Beijing, China and the operation will be performed remotely in a Cleveland, Ohio or other hospital operating room.

More people across the globe will be making appointments with their physician via the Internet and will go to a regional office where they will “see” their physician visually on a video terminal. Local staff, perhaps physician assistants, will assist the physician by following the physician’s online instructions with the physician remotely observing and guiding procedures previously performed locally.

3. Business

In the business world, the male dominated network will increasingly be replaced by women throughout the management team. As more women than men graduate from universities they will capture more of the entry-level positions that historically have gone to men and, as a result, there will be far more opportunities for women to advance their careers.

Women will change the face of corporations for the better. The old-boy mentality will be replaced by women who are more concerned about achieving their own success (making their mark) and who will surround themselves with men and women without regard to their gender but more based on whom they believe are best able to help them achieve their and their company’s goals.

4. Education

Universities in the US will be forced to accommodate and adapt to an increasing number of students who have English as a second language and they will need to help them improve their communication skills as well as develop their employable skills. As job functions become more specialized requiring higher and more narrowly focused skills, course content will need to adapt to do a better job of preparing students to compete in the job market.

Students able to utilize the vast amount of information that will be available and synthesize it into something useable in the marketplace will be in demand. University graduating students that do not learn employable skills or lack adequate English language capability will find limited opportunities and will be destined to compete with those who do not have university degrees for lower paying positions with minimal career prospects.

5. Industries

With the aging population in most industrialized countries, the main beneficiaries will be in the healthcare field, such as ambulatory care facilities, diagnostic technology, medical devices, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplements.

Businesses focused on new technology will continue to be the principal growth area but it will be increasingly international in scope with far more competition from foreign governments that encourage, financially support, champion, and protect home-grown business development.