Career Change Worksheets

Career Change Worksheets

When I completed 12 Steps to a New Career, I knew that trying to complete the career change worksheets would be difficult if they were only available in a bound book. I also anticipated that I might want to update some of them over time. Consequently, I prepared all the career change worksheets in a format you can download and use more easily. Most worksheets listed below are prepared in either Word or PDF file formats. Worksheet 11.1 is also prepared as an Excel document in case you are reasonably adept at using Excel.

The worksheet numbers match the chapter number and document number as shown in the book.

To download each document, click on the link title of the worksheet:

Worksheet 1.1 – Identifying Your Values (Word document)
When you start considering making a job or career change, you need to think about what values are important to you. Your wanting to make a career change may be because your values are not being met where you are now or your employment situation is changing in a way that you do not feel is consistent with what you would like (i.e., your values). Whatever the reason, this worksheet can help you to focus or re-focus your search and it will be a crucial test you can use when you are assessing whether a new opportunity is consistent with your values.

Worksheet 2.1 – Categories of Achievements (Word document)
This worksheet might help you to brainstorm some words that might trigger some thoughts on areas of achievements.

Worksheet 2.2 – Writing Achievement Stories – This is THE most important exercise you need to do and do well. It will provide the basis for the following:

  • Describe what you are best at doing so you can leverage that into your conversations with others when you are networking.
  • Form the basis for your resume that shows you as a resource for others, especially if you are making an industry change.
  • Enable you to tell success stories of your achievements so that employers will recognize you as the resource they need.
  • It is the foundation for everything else that you do in your career search.

Worksheet 3.1 – Skills with Tangibles – This worksheet will help you to identify and describe your skills with tangible, corporeal things.

Worksheet 3.2 – Skills with Intangibles – This worksheet will help you to identify and describe your skills with information, ideas, data or thoughts.

Worksheet 3.3 – Skills with People – PDF – This worksheet will help you to identify and describe your skills with different individuals or groups.

Worksheet 3.4 – Job Profile – PDF – This worksheet will help you to review your past jobs and describe it in ways that interviewers (and recruiters) will ask you about them. It pays to prepare in advance for the inevitable questions that you will be asked.

Worksheet 3.5 – Your Preferred Skills – PDF – This worksheet will help you to focus on the skills you prefer to use most often. It helps you to rearrange your skills into the ones you are most passionate about wanting to use. The result will be what you are best at doing and want to do. These will be critical when you prepare your resume and need to describe what you are best at, and most passionate about, doing.

Worksheet 4.1 – Personal Living Preferences – PDF – This worksheet will help you to think about and describe how important various living issues are to you. Completing this will help you to be more confident in your career search and be able to assess potential opportunities more objectively.

Worksheet 4.2 – Workplace Preferences – PDF – Interviews are two way exercises and this worksheet will help you to assess how well the physical environment of a potential opportunity meets your preferences. You will then be able to ask questions and/or observe whether the new opportunity is in alignment with your initial preferences and, if not, quickly reassess how important is that preference.

Worksheet 4.3 – People Preferences – PDF – Making a transition in mid-career means that you know the personal styles or characteristics of people you do not want to work for or with. This worksheet will help you to turn those dislikes into the positive personal characteristics you want to work for or with. It will give you the language you can use to ask about the positive aspects you want that will result in your best work.

Worksheet 6.1 – Personal Information Inventory (Form) – PDF (Computerized Form Fields) – Completing this form will help you to cover all the information that potential employers (including recruiters) are most likely to ask you. Completing this ahead of time will simplify and expedite how quickly you will be able to respond to requests from others. A quick response shows you are organized and prepared.

Worksheet 6.1 – Personal Information Inventory – PDF (Manual hand write) – This is a version of the above form that you can print and prepare manually.

Worksheet 6.2 – Resume Checklist – PDF – This is a summary to use when you think you have finalized your resume to be sure it is viewed professionally by others.

Worksheet 10.1 – Preparing for Interviews – PDF – Here is a list of sixty questions (seven pages) that interviewers are most likely to ask you. I recommend you print this out and enter keywords for how you would answer each question. Prioritize them numerically or by color into three categories so you review it and prepare before every interview.

Worksheet 10.2 – Post Interview Notes – PDF – Use this form immediately after every interview to note how well it went and what you need to do next time to adjust for things you should have covered. Note who you talked to and what happens next. If you wait too long to prepare this, you will not remember who you talked to or what you need to be better prepared for in the next one.

Worksheet 11.1 – Calculating Your Salary Requirements (Excel) – (Computerized Excel version) – Use this worksheet when you need to determine your salary requirements and you are familiar with using Microsoft Excel.

Worksheet 11.1 – Calculating Your Salary Requirements (PDF) – PDF (Manual hand write) – Use this worksheet when you need to determine your salary requirements and you are NOT familiar with using Microsoft Excel.

Worksheet 12.1 – Contact Sheet – PDF – You will be contacting a lot of people during a job search. It will be difficult to keep track of everyone you come in contact with and to keep everyone current on when you agreed to meet again, who agreed to do something for you or you for them, or just to remind you about what you talked about.  This worksheet can be used in printed form or you can use a computer app to do this if you are comfortable using one. Be careful not to spend too much time learning to use a computerized contact app when the purpose is to keep in contact, not learn another app.


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